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Welcome to our new webshop!

After more than 8 years operating with a website only, we have made the conversion into the 21st century.

Our mission remains the same, to give expert advise on products we use ourselves and for which we can guide you in the right direction. We also tried to offer a very sharp price to go along with the known service, as you were already used to.

Apart from a retail shop, we also continue to serve clubs, competitive players, resellers and distributors.
When you set up your account, the category you belong to will automatically show the pricing that goes along with this specific category.

As you can see, the shop is still under construction, but there were already a few requests so we started already.

Another novelty for 2018 is that we are no longer exclusively selling discs, but also a few very high quality products that will make your canine athlete even better prepared for his magnificent adventures and guarantee a better preparation and care for your best friend. That is what the more section is about, in addition there are some fun games for the human part as well. 

Enjoy the discovery and find out more as we continue to update and expand our product range.

... and please, don't forget to create that account, it will open a new world...

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